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Went in for highlights and low lights at my local Bellingham, Washington, MasterCuts. Courtney B.

did my hair. After first coloring my entire head brown for the low lights she went back in with 21 foils & then placed me under the hair dryer. After doing several register transactions and other things, she then to my dismay, left the establishment. Coming back with lunch & then going in to the back room to eat it while continued to sit developing.

Several hours after the first foil had been placed she began removing them - some having sat on my head for over 3 hours. I am not even exaggerating - I got there at 10:30 11 am and was in bleach foils for OVER 3 hours. By which time my hair was falling out in handfuls. At first she tried to angle me so I couldn't see in the mirror that there were large clumps that were coming off in her hands as she was combing my hair.

A strange silence befell the other beautician and the other customers as she did this. Once I saw what was happening I just about cried. I exclaimed that my hair was falling out, lifting one of my locks that rested over my breast bone & it coming off in my hand. She said, "No your hair is fine." I said, "This is not fine, this is very bad.

You know it and I know it." She continued to deny anything was wrong with my hair. Even though clearly she had over processed it. When it came time to leave, she didn't once apologize for what she had done or even attempt to try to help me make it better or acknowledge that she had so severely damaged my hair. Upon getting home my scalp was on fire so I gently washed my head with plain water, too scared to use anything which would make more hair fall out.

After which the bleached hair continued to disintegrate having a spongy, plasticy, silk on an ear of corn texture - which broke just as easy just from being touched. I would not recommend going there. I went back today, the day after all this happened, to see the manager Alyssa who was out yesterday while I was having my hair done. I showed her the melted hair clumps that I had placed in a plastic container, the pictures I had taken of me while I was getting my hair done, the 8 inches that are now gone, the shirt I was wearing with bleach burns down the back.

Told her about the chemical burns on my head and showed her the remaining extremely fried hair. She trivialized all of this saying what I had left was okay, that the color looked good and that if I wanted her to - she would give me a trim or a bottle of conditioner. I paid $100 to her associate who literally melted off my hair, and the manager doesn't offer me a refund, or to even replace my burnt shirt. To blame the client for the beautician's mistake is so incredibly wrong.

So seriously frustrated and the receipt says, "We guarantee your satisfaction with all services." I am very dissatisfied. I am currently attempting to reach out to their corporate office, unfortunately, as of yet, having seen no resolution, apology or anything.

Review about: Mastercuts Hair Coloring.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Mastercuts employees are very unprofessional and the parent company, Regis, is a joke. They do not compensate for disasters such as this.


I am an experienced stylist and I recently had this happen to me, though my client only had 20vol less than 20min and I checked them quite a few times. Your stylist, however, was negligent. No one should ever be in foils for 3 hrs, unchecked.


Yes, Call Corporate! Always call them.

There is always someone above the next person, and you obviously were very well untreated. It's still not too late to call if these people still work in this location.

If you still have evidence I would be all over this. Even if were in 2015 now, no difference will make just the fact that you didn't know what to do.

Pasadena, California, United States #857922

Chances are she was inexperienced, which is the case at almost all franchise salons. All stylists have to start somewhere.

The company should absolutely reimburse you as well as cover additional free conditioning treatments and trims as your hair regrows.

Contact the district manager. If no response then contact the CEO direct.


So... you knew too much time had passed but you continued to sit there without speaking up for yourself?

to Anonymous #847093

This woman loses most of her hair and you just try to find a way to blame the victim? Really?

Tequesta, Florida, United States #834261

um... report to the BBB....

Call Corporate.... What the *** are you waiting for?

Lisle, Illinois, United States #833272

Get a lawyer now! Master cuts screwed you up bad.

You can find a lawyer that won't require a retainer, but will take 1/3 of the settlement. Lawyer up!!!

As soon as master cuts receives a letter from your lawyer they will want to be your best friend. They will offer anything yo settle this fast.

Seattle, Washington, United States #832480

Why on earth did you pay it in the first place? That is unacceptable and you should continue to pursue this. Get a backbone and go after them, I would get their licenses pulled.

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #832292

Is there no recourse for you, hon?? That is terrible those two should be FIRED on the spot and have their licenses suspended until they are taught how to treat people as humans.

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