Went in to have a dye and cut , was seated in less then 5 mins ... Never asked for price didn't care ...

stylest pulled out price book first told me it would be 70 for dye and cut then changed price to 86.95 , ok counted money to make sure i would n't have to use card .. had I 140.00 in cash no problem . Just as she put the first paint( if you will of dye ) I told it was burning , she told me it shoukldn't and countinued after having all dye in I told it was still burning we wait it had to be rised out started stinging my eye ..

Afte it was trised out I was told if i still wanted cut give her 10 min ( she had another person she started on .. My head still burning soaked I ask for a comb or bush to fix my hear so i could just get out even offered to pay for what was done ,,, Girl in first chair acted as if i was trying to get out with out paying and quested if my head was burning ...

Dover Delaware ( Dover Mall

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