So I went to my local mastercuts this evening, against my better judgement. I had numerous bad experiences with them in the past, but I really wanted to have my hair cut for my custody hearing tomorrow (I have full custody, no dead beat dad here).

It is tough getting out during they day being a single parent of an infant. I arrived shortly before 8:30, they close at 9:00. I understand that is a bit late, but I already prepared to tip a minimum of $10 for the trouble, more if the service was actually decent. When I walked in the 3 ladies were all sitting in their chairs gossiping.

After 5 minutes or so of me standing at the front desk (clearly in view) they finally acknowledged me by telling me that none of them felt like cutting my hair. When I asked which was the manager or supervisor I was ignored. When I then asked if there was a way for me to contact corporate I was told NO. I hope all those *** car pooled to work tonight and die in a fiery crash on the way home from "work" if you even want to call it that.


Whatever....it is people like this that make me think there are far too many people wasting space in this world any way. I will be sure to give them a hard time from now on.

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Apple Valley, California, United States #777404

I am a teacher and I can't use an excuse like I am tired. I don't feel like teaching so I'm not going to.That is ridiculous.

You are in the service industry and you need to do your job. If you don't like it then go do something else!

to willies girl #857939

Stylists can and do. Until you've been in their shoes maybe keep your mouth shut and qut acting like you know what they go through. Thanks!!


It's not like they knew you were going to tip good. How ever it sues suck to not have your hair cut when you have a important date.

But go own ip to it. You could have came earlier or a day before. I work at a mastercuts as well and 98% of the time I cut hair non-stop from morning to night and by 8:30 Ian done. I cannot stand, Ian hungry, tired and sore.

We still have to clean and close up. So font take it personally when stylist says its yo late.

Would u rather them take you and screw up your hair or rush it cause they want you out? Next time try yo make it at 7,

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #625080

With an attitude like yours, I am amazed you are a custodial parent. Maybe they could sense your poor attitude and that is why they didn't feel like cutting you hair.

Look at it like this, they lost a tip and a commission.

Furthermore, why didn't you go earlier? There really is no excuse to wait until the last minute.

to anonymous #650882

Hmmmmmm....Gee, I wonder who you could be!!!? I'm gonna take a wild guess at your identity and say that you're female and a hair stylist yourself, right?

Possibly for Mastercuts?

Let's see, the OP has a poor attitude? How so? Did you ever think that maybe his poor attitude was a result of their poor customer service? Had that crossed your mind, ***?

I get bad customer service and bad service all around from many hair salons- DESPITE the time of day.

So what's your *** excuse for that, Ms. Anonymous?

to *** you anonymous... #857937

We you are quite the disgusting excuse for a human. With that attitude I'm sure you've been punched in the face a few times, and probably well deserved.

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