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I went to get my balayage re-blended. I called first to make sure they could do it, drove the hour there, signed in, and sat for an hour, while 3 customers who had come AFTER me were taking ahead of me.

Then the stylist, Belinda, foiled my hair and put me under the dryer no timer set and took another customer. I ended up turning off the dryer myself because my scalp was burning from it being SO hot on my hair for the last hour straight. Once she finally came to get me, she washed my hair out and took me back to her chair and I was in shock, my hair was WHITE. I have VERY dark brown hair, to get my hair to turn even blonde is a struggle, which should help put into perspective how careless she had to be to turn my hair so blonde it was white.

She tried to convince me that it was a good color, but I was HORRIFIED and told her it needed toned to match my balayage (as if that wasn't what I was there for in the first place!). So, then she toned it, and did the same thing, no timer and took another customer. After sitting there for awhile, I HAD TO ASK ANOTHER STYLIST to check my hair, and she instantly became concerned and washed my hair out for me, while asking Belinda if she had set a timer and when she said "No that's why I wear a watch" the other stylist asked how long it had been on then? And she replied "Only 5 or 10 minutes" Which was NOT true, the toner had been on my hair for nearly 35 minutes at this point.

After the other stylist washed my hair out, I went back to the chair to get my hair cut, and Belinda let me sit with dripping wet hair for 25 minutes while she did 2 other cuts. As I sat, even with wet hair I could tell my hair was STILL not the color I wanted it but just hoped that once it was dry it would at least be close. It wasn't. My roots went from dark brown, to white, to burnt orange..

but to make it even worse, she had put toner on ALL of my hair, not just the part that SHE colored, and she DESTROYED my $300 balayage ombre. But it got worse... Ontop of all of that, I was also there for a trim. I asked to have 1/2 an inch taken off my length, and for my layers to be cleaned up a bit, and to trim up my side bangs as welll, I specifically said "But please cut in my layers and bangs, DON'T razor them, I do not like my hair razored!" Well, I bet you can guess what happened next!

She razored my hair. When I told her stop, she told me since she had already started she couldn't cut them in now and she would have to just razor it all. She did not razor my side bangs though, but after what she did to them I wish she would have. My bangs are cut all the way back into my ear.

She pulled my bangs to the opposite side I wear them and cut them, and then brought them back to the right side and cut them the opposite way. She cut them like I would think you would cut straight across bangs, but it was clear that I didn't want straight bangs, and that I had SIDE BANGS. She then cut them an an angle after she did the back and forth, and when they dried, they were above my eyebrow! I was on the *** of crying at this point.

I had very long hair, with a beautiful balayage ombre, that I LOVED, and it was destroyed. My hair looked frizzy and broken from all the fly-a-ways created from it being razored, and my bangs looked like my 2 year old nephew hacked them up with scissors. My ombre and balayage were TRASHED. I attached my before picture of my ombre/balayage and the after pictures of my cut and color.

I actually spoke to customer service, and Mastercuts sent me a giftcard with the $55 on it that I paid for my services, but that did not rectify the situation considering I had to pay $180 to get my hair FIXED and that $55 giftcard did not bring back the 5 inches in length I lost, or fix my bangs that will probably take at least 6 months to a year to grow out so that they then can be fixed. Not to mention, I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO A MASTERCUTS IN MY LIFE SO WHY WOULD I WANT A $55 GIFTCARD TO THEIR STORE??? They should have AT LEAST sent me MY MONEY back, not a giftcard that I will never use. Moral of the story, DO NOT GO TO A MASTERCUTS.

Pay a little extra, go to a private salon that actually hires reputable stylists.

Belinda was the WORST stylist I have ever met in my life, and her bedside manner was appauling. Worst experience of my life, I hope that the guest services department fired her!

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Coogee, New South Wales, Australia #1254727

But on the plus side it distracts attention away from that ridiculous ring in your nose.

to Anonymous #1257653

Also, wtf is a balayage?

to Anonymous #1258876

I think it's like a mirkin

to Anonymous #1376559

It’s a method of “painting” the hair freehand with highlights. It can look awesome but I wouldn’t go to a random hairstylist to get it done.

A lot of the big chains hire people straight out of cosmetology school. I would go to a higher end salon for that kind of thing, and I would probably have tried to go back to the original stylist.

Euless, Texas, United States #1215106

OMG this sounds just like the lady from ULTA (probably is) in arlington. I went there to get my hair done.

She basically had a customer she was still on. She goes to wash my hair then put me under the dryer. I sat there while she was trying to "fix" some other ladies bad at home highlights. I left it bc I was like -heat on my hair for a long time = bad.

She was there talking to her and listening to her the entire time (four hours). I was like geez if I had known... I could have went somewhere else. I told her I wanted a trim and it flat ironed.

This lady cuts my hair then curls it. Like are you freaking serious. To make maters worse instead of me looking my age of 24 I had one of those super old fashioned hair styles that I completely hated. My hair wasn't even straightened at all like I wanted.

Because she didn't really do my hair she didn't really charge me much. It was like an after thought bc I sat in that chair waiting for hours for absolutely nothing. Next day I went to a real salon to get it done.... Sigh doesn't mater that you have to pay 350 to look nice for an event.

Just do it and complain later - at least you know your hair isn't going to be jacked up! I feel bad for your pain though. I would have cried after spending 450 bucks on my hair and had to wait to grow it back out. I understand completely.

I have had to go to a salon twice to get my hair fixed. Once from ulta and once from beauty brands (will never go back to that store ever bc of one comment from a lady saying we should just shave her bald.... yeah my hubby heard her say it- sadly I used to tip extra high bc I know my hair is difficult but still they lost me and a ton of my friends).... Just so upsetting.

I really hope your hair grew back.

Thanx for letting us know... don't go to Master cuts either.


Don't go to any place like that if you care about your hair. No master cuts, no supercuts, etc

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